Coffee and Clothes…………

This is the post excerpt.

Hi Nufits,

Welcome to my Nu blog!!! I’m excited about this step to relaunch my Blogging!!!

 I’ve always loved writing about Fitness, Fashion, Food and Lifestyle choices!!! 

This blog will be a platform for me to share information in these areas with you Nufits!!!

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Thanks for stopping by!!!



Egg Muffins……

Just sharing a new recipe I just tried:

Simple and nutritious:



-Ham or Protein of choice 





Grease a cupcake baking tray with some olive oil and pour mixture into the various moulds and put in preheated oven!!!

Bake for about an hour, medium heat and allow to cool for a few minutes before plating and storing!!! 

You can eat it with bacon strips for breakfast, you can also use it in wholewheat or spinach wraps for lunch or dinner. 

Such a versatile recipe, try it and let me know what you think!!!

Love Always,


One Day can change everything……..!!!

Hey Nu Munchkins!!!

So I’m excited by today and how it all panned out. Can’t say much because it’s still in the pipeline and my faith tells me it will work out in my favour!!! Excited much!!!

It’s easy for us to continually sell ourselves short before others. You have to believe  you are worth it. The value you place on yourself is crucial, so make it count!!!

Today was seriously an eye opener for me because I was in a situation where others saw potential in me that I truly believed I no longer had? Shocking right? Oh well!!!

Please don’t get caught in the same vicious cycle of self doubt,  give yourselves a fighting chance at the best opportunities out there, in every area of your lives!!! You’re so worth it!!! 

Enjoy your evening!!!

Love Always,


High Protein….Low Carb Dinner!!!

So my darling daughter decided to make me something wholesome and healthy for dinner, because I woke up today feeling really unwell and nauseous!!! Sigh!!!

Decided to share to show you that eating healthy is easy and affordable, couscous from the shops is not expensive, turkey is not expensive and frozen vegetables are also affordable!!!

Thanks darling daughter Adanna, quite enjoyed eating something I didn’t make for a change. Should have her do this more often, hahaha!!!

Try it and let me know what you think Nufits, have an amazing week!!!

Love Always,


Fasted Cardio….Benefits?

Hey Nu Munchkins,

Just checking in with you before my most dreaded trip of all times: going home to bury my mum!!! 

Hope you’ve had an amazing week so far? Getting that summer body ready I hope?

So I’m stepping up my game, exercise wise and finding that I’m doing more cardio, so my question today is: should you do cardio Fasted? That means without fuel. Or should you have a pre workout meal/snack beforehand?

Two schools of thought exist but I think fasted cardio depends on your mood and health. Make sure it’s something you’re allowed to do, especially if you have problems with your blood sugar levels.

It’s the chemistry of it that works, if you do not fuel your cardio session, then energy will have to come from somewhere in the body, stored fats. 

So hey, why not? Make sure you do it with caution though and get clearance from your healthcare professional if necessary. 

Will try to check in with you while abroad, if I can’t, will chat with you in about three weeks time, I know, too long right? Sigh 😔 

Chat soon my darlings!!!

Love Always,


Squats and Deadlifts…..

Hey Nufits!!!

What’s a gwan? Hope you’re chilling?

So today at the gym was “Leg Day”, working on dem legs and glutes for summer!!!

Almost forgot the high I get when I squat or deadlift, it’s something you all should try, it’s such a great fix, especially now I’m feeling kinda blue!!!

Enjoy your week and make it productive 👍🏾

Love Always,


Packing for a Trip: Less or More?

So I’m gradually packing for my trip back home for my mum’s burial and I find myself wanting to keep things simple and not carry much!!! Hmmmmmmm!!!

But I’m also thinking that it might be better to travel with more than I need than travel with less than I need?

So I decided to go out and get myself a decent cabin approved hand luggage for the trip, so I can stuff things from Duty Free shops before boarding my flight and also take more stuff for the trip, if needed!!!

So what are your thoughts? Travel light and buy stuff from your destination if you run out? Or travel with more than enough?

Let me know in the comments below!!! Have a good weekend Nufits, it’s a long one in the U.K. Bank holiday on Monday. Yippeeee!!! 

Love Always,


Still Standing!!!

Just getting some work done in the gym this morning got me thinking about my recent bereavement in a new light!!!

I have people that look up to me and learn from me, so they’re watching how I handle adversity and so I’ve decided to remain strong and focused on my goals!!!

Life happens and you have to own your reaction to it, you choose to either sink or swim!!! I choose to swim always!!!

I choose to not let life break me but make me stronger, bad days will come but the good days will be more because it’s my choice how good or bad my day is!!!

Love Always,