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Hi Nufits,

Welcome to my Nu blog!!! I’m excited about this step to relaunch my Blogging!!!

 I’ve always loved writing about Fitness, Fashion, Food and Lifestyle choices!!! 

This blog will be a platform for me to share information in these areas with you Nufits!!!

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Thanks for stopping by!!!




Hey darlings,

Hope your summer is gradually turning into autumn? Hahaha, well mine is in my neck of the woods!!!

Just wanted to share a bit of my story with you today and possible encourage someone who’s at crossroads concerning their fitness and overall health!!!

Used to be overweight over 5 years ago but embraced fitness, fell deeply in love with exercise and lost over 4 stone in weight to get here today!!!

Got Certified so I can help others change their lives and become happier and healthier. Anything is possible with discipline, dedication and focus!!!

Enjoy your weekend and keep winning!!! 

Love Always,



Hey Nu Munchkins,

It’s been a while? Hope you’re holding your heads high in the midst of your storms? Hang in there, it will hurt but it will get better!!! I promise, remain positive!!!

So I started a new exercise movement called CrossFit and I must say it’s been an experience hard to describe. You really cannot say you’re FIT till you’ve tried CROSSFIT ๐Ÿ˜œ

I’m committed to this for now, it gives me the diversity I love in fitness and also asks so much of me. I leave it all on the gym floor each time!!! You’ve gotta try this Nufits, CrossFit rocks big time!!!

Have an amazing weekend.

Love Always,


Always hungry…..Never satisfied!!!

Hey Nu Munchkins…… how are you and hoping your week got off to a great start? 

I’ve had a busy weekend with parties and weddings and it was nice to help my cousin cater for a wedding. It was a lot of hard work!!! Phew!!!

So what keeps you going? What motivates you? Do you ever get satisfied with where you are? Or like me, are you always hungry for more? 

I strive to become better in all areas of my life and then become the best, so there is always room for improvement!!! Never satisfied, always hungry, that’s my motto!!!

Have an amazing week and keep winning!!! 

Love Always,



No I’m not preggies or anything, I’ve just been craving some decadent yogurt and found just the one that hit the spot!!! Some food porn right here…….

And no, I’m not sharing with anyone, it’s so creamy and yummy!!! So it’s amazing to notice that my recent cravings are leaning towards more nutritious foods!!! Yippee!!!

So apart from the naughty cravings of cakes and chocolates and cigarettes and alcohol for some, what have you been craving lately? Do share in the comments below, you never know I might be back in the shops tomorrow trying them out!!!! Hahaha!!!

Enjoy your evening!!! Chat soon!!!

Love Always,


Summer Vibes…..

Sometimes in life you just step outside your comfort zone for some air and find it so refreshing. Something out of the ordinary could actually be great for your health!!!

It was therapeutic to be around my friends from many years back and just reconnect and have fun!!! Beautiful weather made it even more memorable!!!

Need to do this more often I guess. Let’s drink to that!!! Enjoy your weekend Nufits!!!

Love Always,


Sunset ๐ŸŒ… Walk

Hey Nu darlings,

Just reflecting during my evening walk tonight and decided to write to you. 

I’m really enjoying walking as a form of cardio. What are the benefits of brisk walking over running? Here goes……….!!!

Reduced impact on your joints long term. It also allows you get lean without losing muscle. Your glutes are activated more when you walk, so looking to build your glutes, then start walking!!!

Have an amazing weekend and keep walking!!!

Love Always,


Mental Clarityย 

Hey Nu Fam,
What’s been happening? Any news? I’ve just been hanging in here, doing me and enjoying the gift of each day!!! Priceless!!!

I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts, doing more cardio because I’m currently trying to lose some fat and gain some muscle!!!

Have an amazing weekend ahead and make sure you stay focused on your goals. Develop MENTAL CLARITY and it will help you grow and achieve greatness!!! 

Talk soon!!!

Love Always,