Vision Board DIY

Hi my lovelies!!!

It’s been a hot while but I’m back to stay!!!

I’ve been throwing a couple of pity parties for myself and just not doing the things I know I’m capable of. Who else is with me?

But I’m feeling better now and it’s because I’ve changed a few things about my life and part of the change is getting closer to God!!!

Today was pretty special, an intensely Spiritual DIY project took me a couple of hours but it was so worth it in the end!!!

A long awaited Vision Board which is quite simply a collage of my dreams and goals which I’ve started work on effective nowwwwwwwwww!!!

Go check out my YouTube channel “Something Beautiful” to watch just how easy it to do one for yourself.

Have an amazing week and chat soon!!!

Love Always,


Author: Something Beautiful

I'm a regular mum of three lovely kids, who loves Family, Faith, Fitness, Food and Fashion!!! I also love sharing these things with the people I love!!! Please join me on this lifestyle journey as I share these things that are important to me with you!!! Can't wait, can you? Boom!!!

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