Bedroom Decor Tips

Hi darlings and welcome to the Christmas season. I’m so excited and that’s a first. Usually quite sad over Christmas but this year I refuse to be sad and so I’m knocking out so many videos on YouTube to keep busy!!!

My recent video is about my bedroom and the affordable pieces I used to turn the room into my best space ever!!!

I would usually shop at IKEA, The Range, EBay and Facebook Marketplace. Also would drop into my local charity shop for some rare finds!!!

Check out my channel on YouTube “Something Beautiful” and sit down with a Christmas mug of coffee or mulled wine and watch all my videos especially the most recent one about my bedroom tour!!!

Have an amazing weekend.

Love Always,


Author: Something Beautiful

I'm a regular mum of three lovely kids, who loves Family, Faith, Fitness, Food and Fashion!!! I also love sharing these things with the people I love!!! Please join me on this lifestyle journey as I share these things that are important to me with you!!! Can't wait, can you? Boom!!!

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