Christmas Again…….?

Who else is sitting back in disbelief at the fact that it’s Christmas again? It was just Christmas last week and now it’s already 12 months gone!!! Oh well, it’s the season to be merry, anything beats Halloween 🎃🙄

So much has happened this month including a collaboration with Onepiece which is brand with so many celebrity endorsements. They specialise in onesies that can be worn outside. And other uniques pieces. Go check them out!!!

Also went for a work Christmas party and it was just a lovely evening with my friends and colleagues and lots to eat and drink!!!

Christmas shopping done and dusted today after my Leg session at the gym!!! Exhausted much 🤪

Wishing you all an amazing Christmas and a very prosperous 2018. See you in the New Year 😍😊

Love Always,


Author: Something Beautiful

I'm a regular mum of three lovely kids, who loves Family, Faith, Fitness, Food and Fashion!!! I also love sharing these things with the people I love!!! Please join me on this lifestyle journey as I share these things that are important to me with you!!! Can't wait, can you? Boom!!!

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