Being a YouTuber and Blogger, I tend to watch videos from other YouTubers and came across these siblings wearing the cutest onesies ever “Meet the Vloggers” and I just wished I could one day own one!!!

Not too long after that I became a member of a social influencer platform and one of the brands on the platform decided to collaborate with me and then I saw the onesies again, omg 😮 I almost died!!!

The brand is called OnePiece and they sent me a tee shirt to review and I was so excited. Now an average tee shirt would just be plain cotton, nothing special but theirs was different and I’m not just saying this for the sake of promoting a brand.

Wearing the shirt makes me feel special, it’s so soft and luxurious and yet it’s so simple. You can dress it up and wear it to an outing with friends or you can dress it down with jeans or leggings for a walk in the park.

Use my discount code above at to get 20% discount from any purchases. You can also use my link below to shop their products!!!

Thank me later, my early Christmas present to you all.

Love Always,


Author: Something Beautiful

I'm a regular mum of three lovely kids, who loves Family, Faith, Fitness, Food and Fashion!!! I also love sharing these things with the people I love!!! Please join me on this lifestyle journey as I share these things that are important to me with you!!! Can't wait, can you? Boom!!!

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