Let’s Talk Sweet…….!!!

TGIF NuFits!!!

Let’s talk, you all know I’m a certified FOODIE right? Okay then, for those of you that didn’t know, the cat is out of the bag now, no going back now!!! Hahaha!!!

I try as much as I can to keep my meals 80% healthy, the Pareto principle works for me. 20% of the time I just live life enjoying my favourite meals that don’t make it onto the healthy meals list!!! Yep!!!

So over time will share some of my favourite foods from both lists and recipes as well? I knew you would like that!!!

Today I’m showcasing the number one superfood that is a complex carbohydrate and it releases sugar into your bloodstream slowly, allowing you use it wisely for your daily activities and ensuring little or no sugar is stored in unwanted parts of your body!!! Which food am I talking about? It’s sweet and it’s juicy and it is…………….drumroll…….SWEET POTATOES!!!

You can have it grilled, air fried like mine, mashed or boiled. Love foods that are versatile in terms of preparation options. You can also serve it in so many ways, with sauces, eggs, chicken or fish, your choice really!!! Feel free to experiment!!!

So what are your favourite go to meals that you would easily eat 80% of the time, healthy or not? Pray share in comments below…….. Enjoy your weekend!!!

Love Always,


Shopping Deal BREAKERS!!!

Now show me someone who doesn’t like a good deal, no scrap that, a great deal and I will show you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly!!!

I shop deals and for me that’s a DEAL BREAKER, sites that grant me access to affordable and genuine products and services will always make my day any day!!!

eBay and Amazon I use for household purchases and Wowcher and Groupon I use for experiences and holidays!!!

The fact that through Paypal, linked to my bank account, I’m able to make a fuss free purchase each time, just makes it a stress free experience each time!!!

But you better shop with caution because you’re just one click away from a poor financial standing if you impulse buy all the time!!! Plan your purchases and save for them in advance and you’re good!!!

What are your favourite shopping platforms or websites? Do share!!!

Love Always,


Oats on the Go……….!!!

If you’re like me and are constantly on the go and tend to skip breakfast, then this tip is for you……… NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST!!!

Just go online, buy a mason jar, quite cheap I must say or convert a used jar at home into one. Mine used to be a jar of hard candy and I just washed it out and boom, mason jar in hand!!!

Pour your milk of choice into the jar, I tend to use skimmed milk, but some of my friends use almond or cashew milk.  Add some oats, ensuring the milk fully covers the oats, which will rise overnight in the fridge!!!

In the morning, add an extras of choice: Greek yogurt, chocolate chips, peanut butter, fruits, honey, be creative with your toppings!!! Variety is the spice of life remember ? That’s it, close jar tightly to avoid spillage and take it to work with you or to the airport and eat while you wait for your flight!!!

BREAKFAST ON THE GO!!! No more excuses for poor breakfast choices, thank me later!!!

Love Always,


Faith in Therapy

Hello Nufits,

So life, as we all know it, is not a bed of roses and each experience makes us or breaks us. Trust me when I say I’ve had a few near misses, but Faith in God kept me sane, at least so far!!!

So the other day I decided to try out a Therapy session with a Counselling Specialist, after months on the NHS waiting list. Now this is coming from a place of believing that Faith in God is enough in every situation!!!

My experience, I must say , was no different from crying on the shoulders of a dear friend, which I have done so many times over the years, so the question is? Would I go again? Is my Faith enough to keep me sane? Faith is free by the way, or do I really need paid sessions with a specialist to keep me sane? Now that’s a tough choice!!!

Faith in a God I can feel and experience but cannot see versus Faith in Therapy? For now,  I will choose both, will let the sessions with the Specialist play out and see if I feel any different!!!

So what are your thoughts? Let me know your sincere take on this…….!!!

Love you…………..


Mother’s Day

Hi Nufits,

Thanks for stopping by today!!! It’s been a day full of well wishes and smiles.

Was woken up at midnight by my kids and presents in hand!!! Mind you the clock moved forward one hour last night, so it was quite a wait for my kids!!!

Church and pictures and great food hours later and the day has finally come to a pleasant end, till next year!!!

So join me as I raise a well deserved glass to all mothers out there!!! You ROCK!!!

Coffee and Clothes

Hi Nufits, I’m so excited to be starting a brand new blog!!! This will be even better than the last one because I have more experience now and I’m in a better position to post better content!!!

Please comment below with suggestions of possible blog topics? I will aim to deliver content that will help you be better in your daily lives!!!

My posts will be about Fitness, Fashion, Food and Lifestyle Choices!!! Let’s do this NuFits!!! Love you!!!

Coffee and Clothes…………

This is the post excerpt.

Hi Nufits,

Welcome to my Nu blog!!! I’m excited about this step to relaunch my Blogging!!!

 I’ve always loved writing about Fitness, Fashion, Food and Lifestyle choices!!! 

This blog will be a platform for me to share information in these areas with you Nufits!!!

Please make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

Thanks for stopping by!!!